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F-CUBED and OLEAF4VALUE in Collaboration

The F-CUBED and OLEAF4VALUE projects are collaborating through mutual support and joint communication and dissemination activities to ensure that stakeholders are informed about the technologies and processes being developed in both projects that can help actors in the olive sector transition to more circular, sustainable and profitable business models.

OLEAF4VALUE is a three-year project that will develop a complete valorization system for the olive leaf. 4,5 million ton of olive leaves are produced annually in the world by the olive oil industry, a key industry in southern Europe and along the Mediterranean coast (Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, among others). This recalcitrant biomass represents a problem for both the farmers and the whole olive oil industry, who need to remove it from the fields and the olive oil mills. This biomass is nowadays burnt in the fields, given to the cattle or, in some cases, combusted to produce energy.

OLEAF4VALUE will put together a competitive consortium of highly experienced partners devoted to the complete valorization of this new underexploited biomass. The consortium will address all the stages of the value chain: raw material, biorefining, post-extraction technologies, market validation and sustainability assessment.

The goal of OLEAF4VALUE is to set up the basis of a smart value chain based on a newly developed 4.0 concept: Smart Dynamic Multi-Valorization-Route Biorefinery (SAMBIO) for the cascade valorization of the olive leaf biomass according to its physicochemical composition, particularly modulated by specific pretreatments to produce target products. Advanced green extraction and isolation technologies will be used to sequentially separate all fractions and compounds of value, with a zero-waste approach. Enzymatic biotransformation and nanoencapsulation technologies will be applied to develop tailor made prototypes according to end user market needs from high value sectors: food, feed, health, cosmetic, pharma and chemical industries. Large companies from these sectors within the consortium will guarantee a market-oriented approach throughout the project.

OLEAF4VALUE will link the primary olive sector from southern Europe with large multinationals from the high valued competitive markets in a circular bioeconomy project.

The project started on July 2021, it will last 3 years and gathers 16 partners from 9 different countries:

Natac Biotech SL (NATAC) (ES)- project coordinator, Oleicola El Tejar (ES), Ingecor Agroforestal SL (ES), Innorenew CoE (SI), Fundacion Cener CENER (ES), Instituto Politecnico De Braganca (PT), Biochemize Sl (ES), Universita Degli Studi Di Firenze (IT), Nizo Food Research Bv (NL), Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg (DE), Havforskningsinstituttet (NO), Mibelle Ag (CH), INNOVARUM (ES), Zero Emissions Engineering Bv (NL) and NNFCC Limited (UK), Mowi Feed As (NO).

For further information about the project visit:


Coordination: NATAC BIOTECH SL - José Mª Pinilla (Project Manager)

Communication & Dissemination: INNOVARUM – Andrea León (Content Manager)





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