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Limburg Filter´s Robust & Advanced Dewatering Technologies

F-Cubed: Limburg Filter´s Robust & Advanced Dewatering Technologies

Filtration is a tried and tested process but Limburg Filter are taking this robust technology to a new level, developing custom made products that are more efficient, safer, minimising the impact on the environment and are flexible enough to process a huge range of industrial and manufacturing waste streams. This is why Limburg Filter are an integral part of the F-CUBED process.

Research institute and F-CUBED project co-ordinator TNO and Limburg Filter first worked together in 2019 on a project aimed at dewatering industrial sludge. The results were so promising that both organisations agreed to work together on the F-CUBED project with the objective of valorising the waste manufacturing residues of paper sludge, olive pomace and orange peels. Before the treatment of the waste residues begin Limburg Filter conducts analysis and testing to determine the best pre-treatment options, the most appropriate filter press, plates and cloth to use in order to optimise the dewatering process. This will ensure that the solid cake is as dry as possible for pelletization and the remaining filtrate is clean and clear and ready for analysis by the other consortium members.

Limburg Filter´s core competence is their ability to adapt and design their technologies and procedures to a specific industry or residue to optimise the filtration process. Their expertise in the design, construction and installation of filter presses, coupled with the fact that they can operate and transport their filter press in a shipping container, meant that they were the perfect choice to perform the dewatering process during the three F-CUBED pilot tests. However, the F-CUBED project will not solely demonstrate the potential for paper, olive and fruit manufacturers to valorise their waste streams and adopt more circular and sustainable practices, it will also highlight the potential for the combination of TNO´s TORWASH reactor and Limburg Filter to revolutionise the way industrial and manufacturing waste is treated, whereby not only waste and environmental impact is reduced but also additional revenue is created through new products that can be recycled back into the manufacturing process or utilised for energy generation or fertiliser production.


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